Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Information about Alexapure Pro

If you are unsure of the fresh water you drink, you should try the Alexapure Pro. This product is supposed to make fresh water safe and healthy to drink. It is made out of stainless steel, has an extended filter for daily use, and a spigot for access to the water. You can also put more than one filter in it so that the flow of the water is quicker than one filter and to also increase the capacity of the water.

This product is good because it removes up to 99 percent or so of heavy metals, bacteria, toxic chemicals, and more. This product not only removes the things that are not good that you can see in the water but also the things such as pollutants and contaminants that you can't see. It can be used on just about any water source so that you don't have to worry about what you are putting into your body.

If you are thinking why not just boil water instead of using the Alexapure Pro, boiling water doesn't get the job done. Boiling water does kill germs but it won't get rid of contaminants like chemicals, heavy metals, and nitrates. It also may increase the toxic effects because it reduces the volume of water which makes it concentrate on the impurities. So boiling water and then drinking it after it has been cooled can put your family at harm. The Alexapure Pro will get rid of all of that bad stuff in the water unlike boiling water.

As far as cleaning goes, it is pretty easy to do. You will want to clean the chambers, the exterior of the filter, and change the filter. The chambers can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Before you first use it though you will want to rinse the interior with water. For the exterior of the filter yo will need to remove it from the upper chamber and then scrub it with a scour pad and water. Do not use soap on it. After it is rinsed off you will then replace it in the upper chamber. As far as changing the filter, you will need to change it when you see a change in flow rate and or when the water tastes different.

So as you can see, you may want to try this product out and see what it can do for your family when it comes to drinking water.